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正如企鵝喺專題文章〈建在沼澤上的校園〉一文中提及,創校之初嘅Queen’s College有幾個中文名,包括 #中央書院 、 #中環大書院 、#中環大書館 等,至1894年先至正名為皇仁書院。但由呢份成績表,亦可見喺「一千九百卅6年」——即1936年——時,校方亦會以 #皇仁中學校 嘅名義簽發文件。
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  • QC160 Walkathon^ Kick-off Ceremony (皇仁書院家長教師會步行籌款啟動禮) has just been held and the event has been recorded and uploaded to the QC Admin YouTube channel.

    It isn’t the first video which the channel has set to unlisted, and I wonder why. I mean, I can understand the reasons for (while not ideal) turning off comments, but setting the videos to unlisted? I don’t get it.

    ^ : The event is also known as “‘Walk with You’ 1.60 km Fund-raising Challenge”, and the event has been mentioned a few times on this blog before, the last one just 2 weeks ago.
  • Another event held recently was “QC160 Student Learning Celebration in lieu of the QC160 Open Days scheduled today* and tomorrow* but cancelled due to the epidemic”. According to QCOBA's website, “the Student Learning Celebration today* showcased winning entries of projects, performances and innovative products in the anniversary competitions.”

    The event looks more like a photo-taking show to me, as it wasn’t open to the public. Maybe QC had just enough resources to organise the Joint School Virtual Art Exhibition (still publicly accessible currently), but not enough for Virtual Open Days 2022?

    * “Today” and “tomorrow” refer to 5 and 6 August 2022.

[明報]開學在即 皇仁仍在招聘教師

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臨時學位教師 (官立中學非公務員教學職位空缺)

項 目   :6
招聘學校  :皇仁書院
科 目   :公民與社會發展/通識/生活與社會
教育局編號 :QC/001
合約期   :2022年9月1日至2023年8月31日

項 目   :7
招聘學校  :皇仁書院
科 目   :中文及中國歷史
教育局編號 :QC/002
合約期   :2022年9月1日至2023年8月31日

招聘廣告連結(已失效) • 相關新聞(明報):【教師人手短缺】開學在即 兩成中小學仍在招聘教師 英文科空缺最多 教育局稱合資格教師足夠

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